Windows 10 was always billed as a free upgrade for existing Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users. A proportion of users upgraded on the day, but a majority took the decision to stay where they were, happy in their well-understood and vastly more stable surroundings. Microsoft hasn’t exactly endeared itself to potentially upgrading users, either. Even those using Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 haven’t been able to escape the upgrade to Windows 10.

You can also get back to the Restore Point that you created earlier. Now, restart your PC, and you will see the Action Center icon is no longer visible on the System Tray. As you have confirmed that you want to get rid of the Action Center, select Enable and click on OK to apply the changes. You can anytime toggle this button between ON and OFF from the Settings app.

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If you’d like to make the Action Center, along with your task bar, transparent, toggle the Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent option On. There are two methods to dismiss notifications when they appear on your Action Center.

With Surfblocker you can easily restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can allow and block websites and limit which programs and features have access to the internet. For example, you can allow only e-mail and and work or study related websites.

Thus, if you have installed a piece of third-party security software, you can remove it temporarily and then run Windows Update again. Then we will talk about how to uninstall third-party software simply. If you encounter the issue Windows 10 won’t update, you can try these solutions one by one. We just list some factors may lead to Windows 10 update failed. It is obvious that other reasons also can lead to Windows 10 upgrade errors.

Power BI is referred to as a smart business intelligence software designed to create, publish, and distribute reports instantly and effortlessly across your organization. These reports can be demonstrated on dashboards can be accessed seamlessly to enable people in your organization to make necessary decisions in real-time and support their process flow or continuity. Microsoft Power BI is an all-in-one business intelligence tool to create, access, and publish end-to-end reports, visual analytics, and other key metrics to support and strengthen your decision-making. Currently, Microsoft is offering Power BI for Windows users only and Power BI for Mac is still a question. However, enterprises are still utilizing Power BI for Mac devices.

If you suspect your computer to be infected with the Rlls.dll malware, this article should help you a lot. This guide will discuss what Rlls.dll is, how it is spread, what it does to your computer, and how to remove it completely.

He has written about PC and Mac tech since the late 1990s with bylines at AnandTech, DailyTech, and Hot Hardware. When he is not consuming copious amounts of tech news, he can be found enjoying the NC mountains or the beach with his wife and two sons. Once your software is installed, open the Windows Security app. Select Manage settings under Virus & threat and protection settings.

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